My name is Sarah and I’m a signwriter, miniature model maker, prop builder, card and paper artist and dabbling illustrator! I love designing and making unique and bespoke creations for my clients.

I live in Windsor with my fiancé, 4 kids, 2 cats and crazy dog! I’m a self confessed geek and I love Sci fi and will use any excuse to squeeze in a popular culture reference 🖖Superman is my favourite Superhero ( see right!) and Back to The Future is my no. 1 film (check out my cardboard Delorean) Yellow is my favourite colour but I HATE bananas!
I’m a left handed, Aquarius and Intp, so I’m v. creative, great at reading maps but am often lost in my own head. If I do get out I can bore you senseless with my imdb brain of useless information!